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Dreissena veligers in western Lake Superior – Inference from new low-density detection


Trebitz, A.S., Hatzenbuhler, C.L., Hoffman, J.C., Meredith, C.S., Peterson, G.S., Pilgrim, E.M., Barge, J.T., Cotter, A.M., and M.J. Wick

Publication Type: Journal Article

Using environmental DNA to extend the window of early detection for dreissenid mussels


Sepulveda, A.J., Amberg, J.J., and E. Hanson

Publication Type: Journal Article

Quagga and zebra mussel risk via veliger transfer by overland hauled boats


Larry B. Dalton and Sariah Cottrell

Publication Type: Journal Article

Evaluation of Quagga mussel veliger thermal tolerance


Christopher D. Craft and Christopher A. Myrick

Publication Type: Report