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Exposure-Related Effects of Pseudomonas fluoroscens, Strain CL145A on Coldwater, Coolwater, and Warmwater Fish


James A. Luoma, Kerry L. Weber, and Denise A. Mayer; United States Geological Survey

Publication Type: Report

Effects of temperature and exposure duration on four potential rapid-response tools for zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) eradication


James A. Luoma, Todd Severson, Jeremy Wise, and Matt Barbour; United States Geological Survey

Publication Type: Multimedia

Fact Sheet: Watercraft Inspections for Aquatic Invasive Species in Washington


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Publication Type: Fact Sheet

Is a visuo-haptic differentiation of zebra mussel and quagga mussel based on a single external morphometric shell character possible?


Diana Teubner, Ann-Katrin Wesslein, Peter Browne Ronne, Michael Veith, Christian Frings, and Martin Paulus

Publication Type: Journal Article