Using Potash to Control Mussels in Irrigation Pipelines

Agency: Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Location: Alberta

Treatment Type: Toxicant

Treatment Method Used: Potassium Chloride/Potassium Hydroxide

Potash was tested on water in pipeline field trials in Eastern, Taber, and St. Mary River irrigation districts and in a small-plot study at the Alberta Irrigation Technology Centre at Lethbridge. Potash treatments at a concentration of 100 ppm over the course of 1.8 hours have successfully eradicated adult populations. No significant impacts have been observed in soil after treatment, other than higher potash concentrations or after a repeated treatment.


Olson, B., Calder, B., Kalischuk, A., Healy, L., Seitz Vermeer, N., and Friesen, I. 2018. Developing a treatment for Alberta’s irrigation infrastructure to control invasive mussels using potash. Irrigation and Farm Water Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 104 pp.

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Barry Olson, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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