Michigan Pilot Project – Lake Erie

Agency: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Location: Michigan

Treatment Type: Toxicant

Treatment Method Used: Pseudomonas Fluorescens

This project tested an application strategy for Zequanox in a high energy open water system. Application occurred within La Plaisance Bay along the western shore of Lake Erie in 2014. A Zequanox solution was injected into the bottom layer of water within an open water enclosure. Concentrations were monitored at the bottom, middle, and surface of the enclosed waters to test the application technique’s ability to create a stable treatment layer at the benthic layer without treating the full water column. Results showed that applying a 15% stock solution of Zequanox provoked 99.9% of mortality and that water layers were mixed after 3 hours of treatment. No important effects on water quality (temperature, pH, turbidity, and oxygen concentration) were observed.


Weber, M.M. and Innovations, M.B., 2015. Zequanox application technique pilot study on Lake Erie. MBI Project, (401_0053).

Partner Agencies: 

Marrone Bio Innovations


Sarah Lesage, : Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

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