Manual Removal of Invasive Mussels in Lake Michigan

Agency: National Park Service, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Location: Michigan

Treatment Type: Physical

Treatment Method Used: Manual Removal

In 2016, mussel removal began in Sleeping Bear Dunes where approximately 1 million mussels were removed and approximately 40 m2 were cleared. The project also assessed the response of biota (Algal harmful blooms, microbial communities, fish and invertebrate) after the removal. Monitoring proved a correlation between the presence of mussels and harmful algae (less abundant when mussels were missing). By August 2018, biomass was lower on scraped rocks, and species composition differed from that on control rocks.


Partner Agencies: 

Northwestern Michigan College,
Scuba North,
National Parks Conservation Association,
Michigan Department of Natural Resources


Brenda Moraska Lafrancois, National Park Service, University of Wisconsin

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