Lake Piru Quagga Mussel Monitoring and Control Plan

Agency: United Water Conservation District

Location: California

Treatment Type: Toxicant

Treatment Method Used: Copper, Potassium Chloride/Potassium Hydroxide

Quagga mussels were first detected in Lake Piru in 2013. United Water Conservation District has contracted RNT Consulting to test the efficacy of copper sulfate pentahydrate (EarthTecQZ®), and potassium chloride (potash), ZM-X, a citric acid-based product currently pending patent and regulatory review, and carbon dioxide using mussels and water from Lake Piru.


United Water Conservation District, 2017. Quagga Mussel Monitoring and Control Plan Lake Piru, California, January 2017. 389p.

Partner Agencies: 

RNT Consulting,
California Department of Fish & Wildlife


Katherine Ayres, United Water Conservation District

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