Lake George Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan and Boat Inspection Program

Agency: Lake George Park Commission

Location: New York

Treatment Type: N/A

Treatment Method Used: N/A

All trailered boats must be inspected for invasive species prior to launch on Lake George annually at seven regional inspection stations located around the lake.  Inspection data is collected on paper logs and uploaded electronically for weekly review. Any visible plants or animals found during an inspection are collected and sent to the Darrin Freshwater Institute or the Lake George Association for identification.  Decontamination is performed using high pressured hot water. The program is considered successful as no new aquatic invasive species have been discovered in Lake George since 2014. More than 8000 boats have been decontaminated since the launch of the program, including 600 boats with visible invasive species on them. The program also includes public outreach and education with more than 76 public meetings and multiple media communications.


Lake George Park Commission, 2018 Lake George Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program-A Trailered Boat Inspection Program-Final Report. 18p.

Partner Agencies: 

New York Sea Grant,
Town of Lake George,
Warren County,
Village of Lake George,
Town of Bolton,
Town of Queensbury,
Fund for Lake George,
Lake George Association,
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Protection Fund


Dave Wick, Lake George Park Commission

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