Estimating Economic Impact of Invasive Mussel Establishment in the Northwestern United States

Agency: Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Location: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington

Treatment Type: N/A

Treatment Method Used: N/A

The Independent Economic Analysis Board of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council covering Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington conducted a study in 2010 to determine the potential economic impact of invasive zebra and quagga mussels becoming established in the Columbia River basin. This study was updated through further research in 2013.


Independent Economic Analysis Board, 2013. Economic Risk of Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Columbia River Basin, Invasive Mussels Update. Report. 45p.

Partner Agencies: 

Oregon State University
Idaho State Department of Agriculture
Idaho Transporation Department
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Montana Fish and Wildlife
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
United States Department of the Interior
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Tony Grover, Northwest Power and Conservation Council

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