Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species into Lake Champlain

Author: Janet Bering, Abigail Borah, Julia Gulka, Charlie Koch, Avery Shawler and Martin Sweeney, Middlebury College
Year: 2013
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Type: Report
Topic: Outreach, Prevention



In the Lake Champlain region, aquatic invasive species (AIS) harm native ecosystem biota, negatively affect economic activities, and change how people relate to the lake as a part of their regional identity. Transboundary coordination in AIS prevention and management is a significant determinant of overall success since the Lake Champlain region includes the jurisdictional authority of Vermont, New York, and Québec. To improve aquatic invasive species prevention programs in the Basin, this document described a project that focused on preventing the introduction of new species instead of managing current invasive, and on public outreach as a prevention method.

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