Dreissena veligers in western Lake Superior – Inference from new low-density detection

Author: Trebitz, A.S., Hatzenbuhler, C.L., Hoffman, J.C., Meredith, C.S., Peterson, G.S., Pilgrim, E.M., Barge, J.T., Cotter, A.M., and M.J. Wick
Year: 2019
Digital Object Identifier: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jglr.2019.03.013

Type: Journal Article
Topic: Monitoring/ Sampling



Motivated by concerns surrounding recent dreissenid mussel finds on shipwrecks and rocky reefs in the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior, authors conducted an intensive sampling campaign of Apostle Islands waters in 2017 to understand Dreissena prevalence and distribution. The 100-site effort combined random and targeted sites and collected zooplankton, benthos, video, environmental DNA, and supporting water quality data.

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