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Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species into Lake Champlain


Janet Bering, Abigail Borah, Julia Gulka, Charlie Koch, Avery Shawler and Martin Sweeney, Middlebury College

Publication Type: Report

Monitoring for Invasive Mussels in Alberta’s Irrigation Infrastructure: 2017 Report


Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Water Quality Section

Publication Type: Report

Protocol for monitoring Alberta’s irrigation infrastructure for invasive mussels


Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Publication Type: Protocol

Developing a treatment for Alberta’s irrigation infrastructure to control invasive mussels using potash


Barry Olson, Brad Calder, Andrea Kalischuk, Lloyd Healy, Nicole Seitz Vermeer (Irrigation and Farm Water Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) and Ivan Friesen (Eastern Irrigation District, Brooks, Alberta, Canada)

Publication Type: Report