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Safety of Spray-Dried Powder Formulated Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain CL145A Exposure to Subadult/Adult Unionid Mussels During Simulated Open-Water Treatments


James A. Luoma, Kerry L. Weber, Diane L. Waller, Jeremy K. Wise, Denise A. Mayer, and Douglas B. Aloisi; United States Geological Survey

Publication Type: Report

Investigation of the KRIA Industrial Ionizer on the Mortality of the Invasive Quagga Mussel


Kelly Stockton Fiti, KASF Consulting, LLC

Publication Type: Report

Economic Impacts of Zebra Mussels on Drinking Water Treatment and Electric Power Generation Facilities


Nancy A. Connelly, Charles R. O'Neill Jr., Barbara A. Knuth, and Tommy L. Brown

Publication Type: Journal Article