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Quagga-Zebra Mussel Action Plan for Western U.S. Waters


Western Regional Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species

Publication Type: Plan

Oregon Dreissenid Mussel Rapid Response Plan


Robyn Draheim, Rick Boatner, Glenn Dolphin, and Lisa DeBruyckere; Center for Lakes and Reservoirs - Portland State University, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Oregon State Marine Board

Publication Type: Plan

Efficacy of Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain CL145A Spray Dried Powder for Controlling Zebra Mussels Adhering to Native Unionid Mussels Within Field Enclosures


James A. Luoma, Kerry L. Weber, Todd J. Severson, and Denise A. Mayer; U.S. Geological Survey

Publication Type: Journal Article

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Boater’s Guide to Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Inspections


Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Publication Type: Fact Sheet