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Reduced Survival and Fitness in Native Bivalves in Response to Fouling by the Introduced Zebra Mussel (Dreissens polymorpha) in Western Lake Erie


Wendell R. Haag, David J. Berg, David W. Garton, & Jerry L. Farris

Publication Type: Journal Article

Dominance of the noxious cyanobacterium Microsystis aeruginosa in low-nutrient lakes associated with exotic zebra mussels


David F. Raikow, Orlando Sarnelle, Alan E. Wilson, & Stephen K. Hamilton

Publication Type: Journal Article

A protocol for the salvage and quarantine of unionid mussels from zebra mussel-infested waters


Catherine M. Gatenby, Patricia A. Morrison, Richard J. Neves, and Bruce C. Parker

Publication Type: Journal Article