Webinar: Case Studies in Response to and Management of Invasive Mussel Infestations

Recorded January 19, 2018 1:30-3:00pm ET


  • Keegan Lund, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources keegan.lund@state.mn.us
    • Keegan Lund is an aquatic biologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He serves as the Invasive Species Specialist for the Twin Cities metro area counties and south along the Mississippi River to Iowa. His work focuses on prevention, monitoring, and management of aquatic invasive plants and invertebrates.
  • Allison Zach, University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources azach3@unl.edu
    • Allison Zach received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska in natural resources and her Master’s degree from Minnesota State University in wildlife management. She has served as the coordinator of the Nebraska Invasive Species Program for the past 5 years. She serves as the aquatic invasive species coordinator for the state on regional AIS panels. Previously she worked at the Nebraska Department of Roads and Department of Environmental Quality obtaining environmental clearances and permits for projects.
  • Thomas Woolf, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Thomas.Woolf@mt.gov
    • Thomas Woolf worked for 10 years at the Idaho State Department of Agriculture developing and implementing the state’s AIS program.  In 2017 he started as the AIS Bureau Chief for the state of Montana and currently manages Montana’s AIS program.


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